The teachers in our faculty are all part of The Danish Society for the Promotion of Life Wisdom in Children, founded in 2007. We are a small, self-constituted association with just nine members who share an interest in the consequences for children of the rapid changes and drastic breakdown of values which we are currently experiencing, as well as the great opportunities that are at hand. We came together to try and formulate an answer to the question:

What is the most important and most valuable thing that can be done for children today?

We regard the training and the seminars which we offer as a significant part of the answer to this question.

Katinka Gøtzsche (Chairwoman of the association). Master of arts in psychology, dramaturgy and dance. Teacher in an upper secondary school in Denmark. Coach for students with personal and school-related problems. For years in my daily work as a teacher, I have used simple meditative exercises such as mindfulness, awareness and development of the heart, to create a better environment for learning. I have made seminars for teachers about mindfulness and empathy – The necessity of inner exercises for the teacher and for the children and how to implement these ideas in the ordinary daily teaching.

Helle Jensen. Psychologist and family therapist. Has been working together with Jesper Juul teaching relational competence for professionals and counselling and therapy with families in different European Countries. Has been teaching how to practice empathy and presence for professionals working with children and young people and how to add this values in the life of the children.

Martijn van Beek. Associate Professor of anthropology, based at the Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University. Has done extensive work on the roots and dynamics of ethnic and religious conflict. In recent years he has been studying the fate and potential contributions of contemplative traditions and practices in contemporary societies. A key area of engagement are encounters and collaborations between cognitive (neuro-) scientists and contemplatives. He is a member of the European Advisory Committee and Fellow of the Mind and Life Institute.

Peter Høeg. M.A. in literature. Writer. Has a background in sports, dance and martial arts. Peter, besides writing novels, has been teaching litterature and different kinds of creative and physical topics in the public school, in high school and at the university.With, among others, Helle Jensen, Katinka Gøtzsche, Jesper Juul, Michael Stubberup and Steen Hildebrandt, he is a comember of The Danish Society for the Promotion of Life Wisdom in Children, and a coauthor of the book Empathy  that describes the societys theoretical and practical foundation.

Introduction of the rest of the members of the Danish Society for the Promotion of Life Wisdom in children.

Jes Bertelsen. Holds a doctoral degree in History of Ideas, teaches Dzogchen and is the spiritual director of “Vækstcenteret” (the Center for Work, Growth, and Meditation) founded by him in 1982. His main goal has been to help create an environment for the study and practice of authentic spirituality free from religious beliefs and political dogma, insisting on the universal values of empathy and solidarity. His teachings are based on systematic, experiential investigation of the nature of consciousness, drawing on comparative analyses of Eastern and Western contemplative practices, on the Dzogchen tradition of Tibet, as well as on modern psychological, philosophical, and scientific approaches.

Jesper Juul. Familytherapist, the founder of the organization Familylab in many countries. Wellknown lecturer and author in most of Europe on the subject wellbeing of children in families and schools, putting an impact at the importance of the relationship and the adult´s responsibility concerning the quality of the relationship.

Michael Stubberup.  B.A and M.A , author, Managing Director at SYNerGAIA. He is a member of a number of boards and since 1997 he has been a member of the executive committee at the Vaekstcenteret in Nr.Snede. In cooperation with Steen Hildebrandt founder of Sustainable Co-Creation – practicing presencing.

Steen Hildebrandt. Ph. D is professor at the Institute of Management, the Aarhus School of Business and Social studies at the University of Aarhus. Chairman of the consultancy Hildebrandt & Brandi Ltd. He is the author of many books, articles, and features on management and society. Moreover he is a member of several boards.

Anders Laugesen. Worked for more than 25 years as a journalist focusing on religious and existential questions in Danish National Radio and Television. He is currently hosting a week radio program about faith. Anders holds a MA in religious studies, has received several international and national awards for his television documentaries and radio programs.