We are all born with the capacity for self-accord and empathy and our vision is to create a learning environment in which these capacities can be developed and practiced.

Societies all over the world are today facing numerous major challenges. Hence there is a need for reorientation and change in the coming decades. We must work together toward a future in which respect for life and its processes becomes the key principle and goal. Especially for young people, taking responsibility for the processes of life and of community is a major challenge and one that will grow in the coming years.

In order to take on this responsibility it is necessary to be in good contact with oneself and with each other. Most children and young people need support in order to develop self-accord. By self-accord we mean a way of being in which one is at peace with the core of one’s being. This is the only place from where a person can relate deeply to other people and to a complex world in the midst of processes of profound transformation. One of the ways in which self-accord expresses itself when we are in the company of others is through empathy.

We all have an innate capability for self-accord and empathy. Our vision is to create a learning environment in which these capabilities can be developed and practiced. This means it is not a matter of learning or acquiring something new. It is about rediscovering and cultivating something we are able to do already.